The Solar Desalination Greenhouse (SDGH) is a technology that transforms saltwater into freshwater, which can be used for irrigation or mineralized for drinking. This desalination process is facilitated by halophytes, plants that have adapted to grow in saline conditions. As these plants grow, they humidify the air within the greenhouse. The SDGH then uses passive and active dehumidification to produce freshwater from this humid air, without the need for energy. Active condensation can yield high amounts of water with the use of electrically powered cooling devices.

The SDGH also offers additional benefits such as the production of high-value halophytes and sea salt. It’s a flexible system with moderate installation and operating costs, and it can utilize renewable energy sources like solar or geothermal power.

The humidification-dehumidification process (HD) is a key component of the SDGH, making it a versatile solution for water desalination. This technology is particularly useful in arid regions where traditional farming methods are challenging due to high temperatures and freshwater scarcity.


Halophytes offer a sustainable alternative to conventional evaporators, providing benefits in terms of technology, economy, microclimate, and ecology. Besides enabling crop cultivation in areas with limited freshwater, the SDGH can produce surplus freshwater for external irrigation or drinking purposes.

An SDGH equipped with bio-based solutions can meet the demands of modern agriculture while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing profitability. A prototype SDGH measuring 8m by 4m can effectively control the microclimate and monitor evapotranspiration rates and halophytic biomass quality.

With a growing market for halophytes, local food supply can be ensured with minimal distance to consumers. The scalability of SDGHs combined with traditional greenhouses offers high adaptability for communities otherwise dependent on environmental conditions and irrigation water availability.



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