The formal outputs (deliverables) due and already submitted to the European Commission that are for public dissemination are produced below under the respective Work-package organising the activities and tasks of DIVAGRI:

WP1: Rural community-based participatory research

WP2: Bio-based solutions (BBS) technology development and piloting

  • Deliverable: D2.4: Multimedia DIY Manuals and O&M Guidelines (forthcoming)

WP3: Transfer, Integration, Demonstration

  • Deliverable D3.1: Integrated bio-based solutions (forthcoming)
  • Deliverable D3.2: Knowledge Sharing Centres (forthcoming)

WP4: Integrated business models and capacity development

  • Deliverable D4.1: Country reports on institutional frameworks (forthcoming)

WP5: Sustainability assessment and evaluation of impact on agri-food value chains

WP6: Dissemination, communication and exploitation of results