IAAD is a not-for-profit research and technology organisation, located in Istanbul, Turkey, and gathers solid expertise in the international transfer of technology processes and turn-key projects, in a series of technologies and economic sectors. IAAD provides high-level assistance to the bio-industry and biotechnology sphere, whilst contributing to sustainable rural development and natural resource management. Our experts and network focus on key integrative tasks such as feasibility studies, small-medium scale pilot experiments, and capacity building. IAAD aims at taking part in the evolution of biomass resources management for a series of operational, environmental, financial, and even logistic needs (agriculture, energy, industrial by-products for biorefineries, carbon capture, and storage, etc.). IAAD recently consolidated a comprehensive and solid network in the marine biology and aquaculture arena in Turkey and other countries such as India and Brazil encompassing key stakeholders from the cultivation arena, biorefineries, SME, academic, and research spheres. IAAD’s engagement aim at contributing to climate actions considering renewable energies, decarbonisation, and digitation processes. IAAD develops research and benchmarking surveys on circular bio-based business models, for example:

  • supporting novel market applications, growth and fair trade in the agriculture/aquaculture arena whilst generating or preserving sustainable environments/ecosystems and contributing to decarbonisation processes;
  • mobile/digital solutions, entrepreneurship and responsible research and innovation (RRI) rural development programmes with smart pipelines and digital collaborative work platforms.

IAAD’s key staff engineering background in industrial processes and small-scale transfer of technology provides solid competencies in needs examination to ensure accuracy in the definition of sector-specific common requirements and specifications for sustainable developments processes. Also, IAAD develop on entrepreneurial competencies via the “Entrepreneurial Development Training Programme”, encompassing competencies in sustainable development processes (carbon footprint, circular and social economy), and interconnected marketplaces (collaborative digital platforms, marketplaces, contractual public-private partnerships). Interdisciplinary professionals, who are the driving force behind IAAD’s development strategy, lead tasks paramount and supportive to research projects in cooperation with the SME sphere such as the characterisation of innovation plans, the development of product and services strategies in accordance with market needs and applicable policies, organise scientific and technical long-term monitoring and continuously examine their standing compared to the innovation arena. IAAD aims at assisting the SME sphere and clusters to make available, coordinate and enhance competencies needed to develop new services, mobile/IoT architectures and digital platforms to drive digital transformation processes.