alchemia-nova GmbH (ALCN) is a R&D and consulting company (SME) based in Vienna, Austria. ALCN ultimately seeks to contribute to a more sustainable future through the transformation of linear production-consumption patterns towards a circular, bio-based economy and utilising the functional services of nature.

ALCN conducts research, innovation, education, training, and dissemination in the fields of:

  • Nature-based solutions, phytotechnologies: productive constructed wetlands, phytoremediation and phytomining, bioengineering, functional urban greening (wastewater-fed green walls, enhanced indoor and outdoor air filtration, river renaturation)
  • Circular economy: resource recovery, valorisation of waste streams, regenerative agriculture and agrifood systems, circular business models, development of cascading utilisation strategies for renewable and secondary resources, eco-design, Cradle to Cradle® projects as certified partner
  • Biobased economy: biogenic substitutes for fossil-fuel products, development of cascading utilisation strategies for bio-based (renewable) resources, bio-based supply chains
  • Sustainable buildings: sustainable building materials, integration of ecosystem services into buildings and built environments

The interdisciplinary team consists of over 20 experts in biochemistry, biotechnology, engineering, water resources management, human ecology, environmental resource management, and communications. ALCN draws on 18+ years of expertise and experience in the development and application of bio-based solutions as well as the innovation and implementation of circular, nature-based technologies across more than 18 national (different funds and consultation for Austrian ministries) and EU-level projects (H2020, LIFE, FP7, FP6) in addition to consulting and training services. With a systemic approach, ALCN develops solutions for households, communities, regional, national, and EU levels.

Over the last 18+ years, ALCN has developed an expertise in researching and building prototypes for plant and microbe-based water and air treatment units (vertical, horizontal, various sizes) for buildings (household scale and up, outdoor and indoor) as well as cost-efficient renewable energy solutions (H2020 PVadapt and HOUSEFUL projects). This extends to project development and the integration of various technologies in larger demonstration sites, including full integrated water, nutrient, energy recovery, and reuse systems for urban buildings (H2020 HOUSEFUL and Green INSTRUCT), industrial waste sites (LIFE-AGROMINE) as well as Mediterranean islands (H2020 HYDROUSA). ALCN also draws on 6+ years of experience in green recovery of metals (e.g. the Austrian PhytoMine, Bio-Ore and GRecoMet).

At the policy level, ALCN has conducted research for reports commissioned by Austrian ministries, mainly in the area of bio-based industries. This includes national-level studies and policy recommendations (MFA Bio-based Industry commissioned by Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology; Austrian funded Bioplastics Roadmap Austria 2050 and Austrian BioCycles projects) as well as international H2020 projects (HYDROUSA, DEEP PURPLE). ALCN also conducts training and actively raises awareness and engages stakeholders to mainstream circular economy into research, policy, public utilities, and industries, nationally and internationally. To promote circular innovations, ALCN addresses human behaviour and attitudes and develops new circular business models, implemented through several H2020 and other projects.