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Revenue diversification pathways in Africa
through bio-based and circular agricultural innovations

Developing innovative bio-based technologies


Making the transition towards
circular agriculture and bioeconomy

The DIVAGRI project proposes a wide range of bio-based innovative solutions adapted to specific conditions in target countries. Ecosystem restoration in combination with diverse crop production in regenerative agricultural systems, mobile biorefineries for biomass conversion to high-value compounds and bioenergy, and the highly innovative clay-based micro-irrigation system “SLECI” (Self-regulating, Low Energy, Claybased Irrigation) are solutions developed by DIVAGRI. In addition, building on community participation and co-development of collaborative business models, the project will enable smallholder farmers to increase income and generate new
economic opportunities while guaranteeing food security, real rural opportunities, and sustainability.

The focus of this project is not only on the primary production sector but also on the food and bio-based industries, thus promoting new partnerships between producers, processors, retailers and consumers and opening new sustainable avenues for businesses, services and value chains in support of rural communities.

Latest News & Upcoming Events

DIVAGRI launches its Webinar Series

November 30th ate 11h00 CET. Hear and explore how our projects are delivering on diversifying revenue in rural Africa through bio-based solutions. Access to insightful information from our experts in agricultural systems, bio-based solutions and beyond. The projects DIVAGRI is paving the way towards the African Union and the European Union partnership via co-creating and co-operating with real-scale pilot experiment and advancing pioneering bio-based solutions. The Webinar Series are free of charge. Register to the event via sending an email to synergies@divagri.org (the link to the venue will be sent to you via email) Photo credit: freepik (licensed)
DIVAGRI Webinars

DIVAGRI represented at the IV International Symposium for Agriculture and Food (ISAF 2022)

The IV International Symposium for Agriculture and Food (ISAF 2022) on 12-14 October 2022 takes place in Ohrid, North Macedonia, and is organised and hosted by fellow partner Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (UKIM). The event is presided by Prof. Dr. Vjekoslav TANASKOVIKJ, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food-Skopje, who realised a field training session on irrigation in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Revenue DIVersification pathways in Africa through bio-based and circular AGRIcultural innovations – DIVAGRI

The DIVAGRI project addresses limitations of smallholder agricultural systems, where farmers lack the means to invest in improving productivity. The project will test seven bio-based technologies and business solutions targeting farming inputs, farming practices, processing and access to markets, adapted to rural African contexts.
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Project DIVAGRI, a bio-based horizon

DIVAGRI ambitions to contribute to sustainable livelihoods in rural areas of Africa, through domestic agri-food systems which can sustain growing populations in an inclusive and environmentally friendly way in the long term. DIVAGRI increases the productivity of the African agri-food systems, connects supply to demand and turn wastes into resources through connected value networks within the bioeconomy through selected enabling bio-based solutions tailored to specific conditions in the five target countries.
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